Oh, Deer! Christmas Magic: If you believe dreams do really come true

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In Defense of the Grinch. By: Gigi C. Listen up, people.

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

Did the Whos ever once invite him? Did they even care about him before he carved the roast beast? I rest my case. Life of a Tree. By: Cohen Y. Everyone thinks trees are just living decorations. No, we are much more than that. True, we are used for holidays and special events but, we can also be used for shade and so much more. The real life of a tree is magnificent. We all meet up and talk every night we while you humans are asleep. We take showers in the rain. We also like to read. History books are our favorite, but we also enjoy comedy, fantasy, and tall tales.

It can be very uncomfortable for us! Those metal hooks can really hurt, and then when you take them down, you always forget one. They can get very itchy! But the real problem for us trees, is that you humans our hurting our world. All the coal and chemicals you use smell horrible and are polluting our air. Come on people! Take care of our Earth! Take care of us trees! By: Caroline S.

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Hey guys! I mean, are you aware of all the different types of grasses? My friend, Bluegrass, is very lush type of grass. And my cousin, Centipede, is a low maintenance type of grass. All of us different kinds of grass have one big problem in common. Do you know what the problem is? I also hate it when the tiny humans sit on us and tear us out of the ground. That decreases our population!

One of the hardest things to get through is the cold season when we all get sick and turn brown. Then it gets even worse! Not another giant human! MOVE out of the way! Let the winds come and move us out of the way! OH, NO! Not again! Come back, wind! Big Dreams. Second Place Winner! By: Kellen B. When I grow up I want to be a famous astronomer. I will be the most famous astronomer that ever was. Not something like HD B. I just want everybody to know who discovered those planets. Do you know Stephen Hawking? Something that is created is always created with help of something. Take for example, a water bottle.

It is physically impossible for something to turn into something it is not. It is simple logic. We are students who want college classes in grade school. CCGS for short. Wait, I am creating something out of nothing in a way.


Maybe Stephen Hawking has a point. Laugh all you want, parents! By: Trequan D. He taped you to the back of his car because his tail-light was out. By: Lauren B. My life sucks. Every single aspect of it.

So, first, my best friend and neighbor is not the sharpest tool in the shed, to say the least. I moved into my neighborhood in His lack of intelligence gets in the way of everything, and I have to act dumb with him just to make him feel better. The only time I have fun with him is when we gang up on our other neighbor. And my job? My job is a living nightmare.

I work in an unsanitary kitchen as a cook.

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My jerk of a neighbor works there, too, and only complains about everything. I pretend to love my job, since I work for less than minimum wage, and my boss would fire me if I even suggested a raise. But all she cares about is doing dumb science experiments, mostly tests on me! One good thing…I have a pet. And guess what? Even my pet snail hates me. Yeah, pretty sad. Lonely Leprechaun.

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All I do all night and day is guard this pot of gold. With no one to talk to. No one to share my strawberry jam and cheese sandwiches with. No one to play balloon stomp with.

Oh yeah, I get the occasional butterfly or ladybug stopping by, but they only like to talk about flowers, and let me tell you…petunias and daffodils get boring after hundreds of years. If only someone would find this pot of gold.

I see them headed straight for me all the time, and then they veer off in the wrong direction. Here comes another one. Over here! Not over here. Hides behind pot of gold. Whispers and points. No, go that way. That way. Elves on Strike. By: Jeremy K. No more working from sunup to sundown without so much as a snickerdoodle break! What does Santa think we are, robots? Cleaning chocolate poo is not in the elf job description! And Snazzy, there was that time when he ordered you to let Mrs. I mean, what the falalala was he thinking? I mean he makes us wear these ridiculous Pinnocchio outfits and sing while we work, while he sits on his big fat butt watching the weather channel.

And on Christmas day, he takes ALL the credit.