Rainbow Riders to the Rescue

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Tags Shooty Skies. And if you want to know how to unlock the new secret characters, this Youtube video has you covered. As well as pilots you can also see a few other extras including: A vivid new landscape full of rainbows and love for our new pilots to fly above. New tunes for joyous merriment. Two thrilling mission objectives: Hack the Node and Rescue the People. Clever behind-the-scenes trickery to make boss fights more fun! Install QR-Code.

Dragons: Rescue Riders

Shooty Skies. Daniel Tyson. Previous More Huawei Mate 10 leaks confirming an display. DreamWorks Animation.


Trolls World Tour Shrek the Halls Monsters vs. How to Train Your Dragon. DreamWorks Dragons — When the town fisherman, Elbone, gets lost exploring the Maze Caves on Huttsgalor, a Gut-Instinct driven Dak takes Winger and Cutter in to save him, but they soon get lost too, leaving a plan obsessed Leyla to save them all before the Maze Caves are flash-flooded. Dak eventually learns to use his head instead of his gut and Leyla learns to stop thinking and just act.

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Dragons discovered : Slinkwing. Dragons discovered : Fire Fury. When Huttsgalor starts falling apart, the Rescue Riders start searching the Island for Belzium, a mineral that the town Blacksmith, Hannahr, needs to strengthen everything forged from iron.

Rainbow Riders to the Rescue (Paperback)

The dragons turn the hunt into a race which eventually traps Dak, Leyla, Winger and Summer in a cave with Magnus. Winger and Summer must get over their desire to win and work with each other and Magnus in order to free themselves and get the Belzium back to town safely. Dragons discovered : Hideous Heatwing. Afer a fun and invigorating game of Volley Rock, all the dragons except Summer contract the 'Dreaded Dragon Flu', a rare disease that causes dragons to lose control of their powers and abilities.

With Dak forced to stay behind to take care of his friends, despite his lack of Dragon Medicine Knowledge, Leyla and Summer head off to find the cure. But despite the fact that Fastfins aren't afraid of eels, Summer is scared of them. Can Summer get the cure before the eels get her? And will Dak be able to take care of the Dragons before they tear their home apart? Dragons discovered : Silver-Tailed Ironclaw. While gathering supplies for training, Burple find three lost Dragon Eggs and brings them back to the Roost. While waiting for them to hatch, Dak, Leyla, Winger and Summer help Chief Duggard find a cave suitable to store grain, but insists that they keep looking so he can keep flying.

Meanwhile Aggro, Cutter and Burple, having been arguing about who should be in charge, have to put their differences aside and work together in order to keep the eggs safe from a pack of Slinkwings who want to eat the eggs for dinner. Dragons discovered : Slobber Smelter.

Dragons: Rescue Riders

When Burple gets sick and tired of being last all the time, he tries to learn how to fly faster by secretly trying all of winger moves, but he cashes on another island and hurts his wing. Dak, and Winger come to his rescue only for Winger to hurt one of his wings too. They'll have to work together in order to find their way back home by flying side by side.

Meanwhile Cutter gets stuck in Slinkwing Slime in the Sleep Cave and has the girls take care of him until he breaks free and fakes his being stuck.

So the girls prank him to make him admit the truth. After rescuing Finngard, the Rescue Riders discover that he is curious about dragons and wants to learn about them.

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So Dak and Leyla set up a 'Dragon Day' for him, like a presentation of their powers and abilities. But when Aggro meets two adult Fire Furies named Laburn and Cinda, she starts to have fun with them to the point of being reckless. When she doesn't show up for 'Dragon Day', the Rescue Riders have to ride to the Fire Furies Rescue when they get stuck in mud at Boiling Springs Valley, a dangerous area filled with dozens of deadly steam geysers.

Dragons discovered : Piercing Shriekscale and Foreverhorn.


Kidscreen » Archive » Netflix goes big on preschool

Grumblegard follows the Rescue Riders to Huttsgalor and attacks the Village. Winger tries to stop him with a new power, A Mega Blast, a more powerful version of his Power Blast, but it backfires on him. Grumblegard gives the Riders an ultimatum, leave by tomorrow or Huttsgalor will be destroyed. The Riders decide to recruit the Slinkwings to help them stop him, but realize that they've been set up when the Slinkwings take over Grumblegard's home Island.