Shattered Vessels

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  1. The Shattering of the Vessels
  2. Tikkun in Lurianic Kabbalah | My Jewish Learning
  3. How the Ari Created a Myth and Transformed Judaism

But Love got bored and lonely. There was no one to be in love with.

The Shattering of the Vessels

So one day Love decided to make a world. First it took a deep breath.

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  • Shattered Vessels.

Can you take a deep breath? How deep? A little deeper. Love got all squished up taking the deepest breath ever, and was sooooo squished that it squeezed out darkness.

Tikkun in Lurianic Kabbalah | My Jewish Learning

The darkness was all around: thick and shiny and black. Love waved its arms and legs around, but the darkness was everywhere. It thought for a minute, and tried to think of the most wonderful beautiful warm thoughts ever. All of the warm and wonderful and beautiful thoughts exploded outward in ten different directions and shaped themselves into ten big glowing glass balls.

Each ball was filled with a spinning lump of pure light and warmth.

How the Ari Created a Myth and Transformed Judaism

I better make something for the light to shine on. Love called this the Earth. Jerusalem under the mandate, before the Nazi genocide, but where the presence of Arabs already stands out as an irritant. A latent threat permeates the atmosphere of the novel. This is the last "enchanted day" that the narrator remembers, with nostalgia.

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  • Shattering of the Vessels?

The Arab riots of summer broke out the following week and the small group of friends is shattered. Jews and Arabs, Muslims and Christians who had lived in mutual tolerance, all take stands against one another in a world where, now, "a man does not acknowledge his own brother. His arrival in Jaffa was a shock: It was an Arab sailor who brought him from the ship to the boat and from the boat to the land of Israel.

Jaffa was filled with Arabs.

Finally, a refreshing writer, with his humor and truculent lucidity. At the time of the worst fanaticism and strongest anathema, he reminds us that life—this pious lie, this sweet illusion—is tolerable only if people look after each other. The Independent Shahar has immortalized life in Jerusalem during the British Mandate with a power that no other author achieved.

Yedioth Ahronoth.