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It is also fair to say that given how scattershot our searches sometimes were, we often missed what we were looking for. But that said, we also happened upon issues that proved more interesting than our original queries.

If users can procure just the lines of text they need, why lay out good money to buy a whole book? In response, online advocates argue that access to these extracts will fuel print sales. Moreover, short written segments a chapter, a recipe can be sold like songs from the iTunes store.

Roshani Sinha Interview - Snippets: Short Stories Book - WriterStory

Although this debate is important for the law and the economy, it masks a challenge that some of us find even more troubling: Will effortless random access erode our collective respect for writing as a logical, linear process? Such respect matters because it undergirds modern education, which is premised on thought, evidence and analysis rather than memorization and dogma. Reading successive pages and chapters teaches us how to follow a sustained line of reasoning.

If we approach the written word primarily through search-and-seizure rather than sustained encounter-and-contemplation, we risk losing a critical element of what it means to be an educated, literate society. About Us. He dined out and returned after eight. I lit the lamp and the candles in the study and he sat down in his armchair, stretched his feet out onto another chair and, sprawling in this fashion, began reading.

Different Types of Instagram Video Posts

Almost every day he brought new books home with him or they would be sent from the shops, and in the servants' hall, in the corners and under my bed there lay a mass of books in three languages, not counting Russian, that had been read and discarded. He read with unusual speed. Tell me what you read, they say, and I will tell you who you are.

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That may be so, but to judge anything about Orlov from the books he read is absolutely impossible. It was just a mishmash. Philosophy and French novels, political economy and finance, new poets and cheap "Intermediary" editions - and he read everything equally quickly and always with that same ironic expression in his eyes. After ten he would dress carefully, often in a tailcoat, very rarely in the court uniform of a Gentleman of the Bedchamber and go out.

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He would return towards morning. We lived together quietly and peaceably and we had no misunderstandings.

For the Love of Short Stories

He did not usually notice my presence, and when he did speak to me there was no ironic expression on his face - he evidently did not consider me a person. Only once did I see him angry. One day - it was a week after I entered his service - he returned from some dinner at about nine o'clock looking tired and pettish.

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When I followed him into the study to light the candles he said to me, "There's some sort of stink in the flat. I was offended and was about to protest, and God knows how it would have ended had Polya, who knew her master better than I, not intervened. Stepan, open the windows in the drawing room and stoke up the fire.

Remembering Ismat Chughtai – I

She began to huff and puff and set off walking through all the rooms, rustling her skirts and hissing with an airspray. But Orlov was still in a bad mood; he was clearly restraining himself from raging out loud, sitting at his desk and writing a letter at speed. This collection of short stories is the perfect take-along companion.

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The unexpected, the weird, and the just plain pathos of the characters are all documented in these snippets of lifes events. Tom Doppke is an observer of everyday events who sees them through different glasses. Where others see a shadow, he sees a ghost, a tree, a witness to a tragedy, the commonplace ends with an unexpected twist. The author of several hundred technical articles, he has branched out into new directions with several stories and Snippets, his third fiction offering.

Growing up in the Midwest, he has been influenced by the areas native lore and woodland mysteries.